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July 2018

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The Challenge

Hitchhike as fast as possible from the heart of Europe to Barcelona and win a trip around the world!

The adventure of a lifetime

5 stages, 6 days, 1000 miles

How to participate?

Gather a team of 2 or 3 adventurers.Pick your starting location (Amsterdam, Brussels or Paris), and think of a strategy to get to Barcelona as fast as possible with only your thumb :)

The Big Prize

300 teams will compete for the ultimate prize: A trip around the World. All members of the team will receive enough airmiles to visit every continent of the world. At least 6 stops per person are included in the ticket.

Scarf with a swirl print ecrubeige female Gerry Weber p5e8J

Five Stages

The Race to Barcelona will be split up into 5 different stages. At the end of every stage every team’s time will be recorded and even people at home will be able to see the daily ranking on our website.

The end of every stage is always a unique location such as castles, river banks, beautiful beaches and medieval cities. Participants will be able to camp on site and parties will be hosted for all hitchhikers. Every morning, teams will receive the daily instructions on how to get to the next stage.


There will be checkpoints on every stage and along the route. On some of these world famous landmarks you will be able to win time bonifications!

The Jerseys

Just like in the most famous races of the world, jerseys will be awarded to the daily champions. The yellow jersey will be attributed to the team with the best overall time. The green jersey goes to the best performing team during the challenges on the checkpoints, and the polka dot jersey goes to the craziest team of the day

How to register?

A Ticket for this once-in-a-lifetime adventure costs 210 GBP / 250 EUR per person. You will be able to gather sponsors for your team so it could actually cost you nothing at all


The Barcelona Express ticket is 250€. You can opt to pay the total sum all by yourself or you can ask sponsorship money to friends, family, surrounding businesses, acquaintances. A sponsorship ticket will only cost them 25€ (every participant receives 10 sponsorship tickets, which you will find in your personal login zone).

Your sponsors will be printed on your personal race jersey and on your team page where friends and family will be able to follow you LIVE during the race .


By hitchhiking to Barcelona, we already save 400 metric tons of CO2 .

Besides this, the revenues of The Barcelona Express go to charity. We have deliberately chosen to fund a project which will plant as many trees as possible. We strongly believe that this way we can efficiently build on a better future and fight for a better world. For every Euro, our partner “The International Tree Foundation”, will be able to plant as much as 3 trees. In 2017 we helped planting 122.000 trees. We hope to break that record in 2018!!

The winners of previous editions...

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For students, by students
For students, by students

Originally published in March, 2018

Rotterdam is one of the second largest city in the Netherlands and it's known for being the biggest European port. The city is extremely dynamic, if you just think that it completely reinvented itself after being destroyed by bombs in the Second World War.

You might have heard of Rotterdam for its peculiar architectures (the Markthal, the Erasmusburg, Rotterdam Central Station and many others) but what you might not know is that Rotterdam is mostly below sea level, and is greatly threathened by climate change and its extreme weather conditions (heavier rainstorms, higher water levels in the Meuse, longer drought and heat waves).

Rotterdam's markthal.

However, Climate change could create many opportunities that may strengthen the economy of the city and its port, increasing the biodiversity and encouraging participation. The city developed the Rotterdam Climate Change Adaptation Strategy to make Rotterdam "climate proof" by 2025.

What does it mean to be "Climate Proof" by 2025?

Being "Climate Proof" means that by 2025 all the necessary measures will have to already been taken in order to be as resilient as possible to Climate Change.To maintain and improve the already existing infrastructure (for example the storm surge barriers, dykes and pumping stations) is extremely important. However, those won't be enough to ensure climate change resiliency. Adaptations must be developed on a big and small scale.

What will be the consequences of Climate Change in Rotterdam?

Have you ever wondered what protects Rotterdam? The answer to this question is dunes along the coast, dykes along the river and the Maison Rabih Kayrouz x Revel Navy Round Sunglasses Maison Rabih Kayrouz rsmO0NF

Map of Rotterdam, in light green the primary dyke is marked. Whatever lies behind that line is inner-dyke, all the areas in front of it are part of the outer-dyke areas [ Image credit: ROTTERDAM.CLIMATE.INITIATIVE ].

Risks in the outer dyke areas In the above picture, the light green line represents the dykes of Rotterdam. The outer dyke area is quite consistent and it also includes the port area. The only protection that this area has, at the moment, is the Maeslant Storm Surge Barrier. All the outer dyke areas have been already heightened above the NAP level, however, due to the consequneces of Climate Change, extra protection is needed.

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Bell is willing to give the Steelers a "hometown discount" (sort of): There's been "reports" that Bell wants to make $17 million a season, the same amount that teammate Antonio Brown is currently paid. There's been more legitimate reports that Bell, who initially wanted to make at least $15 million per season, will "settle" at $14.5 million while giving the Steelers a "hometown discount."

Bell is willing to give the Steelers a "hometown discount" (sort of):

“Even with (his desired contract) number, I feel like I’m kinda settling," Bell said while speaking as a guest host Leather Accent Tag Purple Poppies by VIDA VIDA xxUY5VKIh
earlier this offseason. "It’s the Pittsburgh Steelers. I wanna stay with the organization. But I’m not gonna go below the number I’m actually just kinda settling for. Because I feel like I’m worth more than that.


"To play for the Steelers and stay here and not go anywhere else and stay with the team I got drafted too…yeah."

The Steelers are going to have to give Bell more guaranteed money: Reports have surfaced about Bell's lack of satisfaction with the amount of guaranteed money included in Pittsburgh's previous contract offers. While his desired number is anyone's guess, one can assume that the Steelers will need to give Bell a substantial amount of money within the first three years of a longterm contract. While he's reportedly seeking at least $14.5 million a season, there's a chance the Steelers could convince Bell to sign for less money annually but for more guaranteed money up front.

The Steelers are going to have to give Bell more guaranteed money:

Both sides are going to have to sacrifice something in order to get a deal done: As mentioned above, there's a chance Bell could sign for less than $14.5 after turning down the team's 2017 offer and their previous offer this offseason that was reportedly stronger than last year's offer. But to do that, the Steelers are also going to have to make a sacrifice, which would seem to be with regard to the amount of guaranteed money. Ultimately, as is the case with most contracts, both sides are going to have to sacrifice something if Bell is going go join Brown as a "Pittsburgh Steeler for life" while finally putting this long contract saga to bed.

Both sides are going to have to sacrifice something in order to get a deal done:
By Bryan DeArdo

David Carr has received a bevy of criticism after leaving out, then explaining why he left Foldaway Tote POP Circles Tote by VIDA VIDA zNTRvLa
out of his list of the top 10 quarterbacks in the NFL today. Carr, when recently explaining his reasoning, said that a large portion of his success is due to receiver Thomas Sabo ring black TR21006431148 Thomas Sabo Vwa5CAetc
, running back Womens Lam Cap Beanie Capo fy8wWu
and former offensive coordinator Karl Ikonik Choupette keyring White Karl Lagerfeld dai7hU4N3
. Carr also said that his list represented the top 10 quarterbacks he would build a franchise around, not necessarily the top 10 quarterbacks in the game today.


Staff Writer 19 October 2016

A new report from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) puts Nigeria back as Africa’s biggest economy, ahead of South Africa, and Egypt.

In August, South Africa was reported to have regained top spot on the continent, following the recalculation of Nigeria’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

The IMF’s World Economic Outlook for October, however, has Nigeria’s GDP for 2016 some distance ahead of South Africa at an estimated $415.08 billion, from $493.83 billion in 2015.

South Africa’s GDP is put at $280.36 billion, down from $314.73 billion in 2015. The country is expected to achieve a GDP figure of $288.199 billion in 2017, versus $413.685 billion for Nigeria.

When measuring GDP per capita however, South Africa – with a population of around 55 million people – is way ahead of it sub-Saharan counterpart, at $5,018 in 2016.

Nigeria, which has a population of approximately 185 million, has a GDP per capita at current prices, of $2,260 in 2016.

Both countries have seen their GDP per capita decline since 2015, whenSouth Africa was at $5,726, and Nigeria at $2,763.

Nigeria’s GDP is expected to contract 1.7% in 2016, but is expected to recover from recession in 2017, growing at 0.6% in 2017, and 3.3% in 2021.

According to the IMF, South Africa is expected to remain flat at o.1% growth in 2016.

“In Nigeria, economic activity is now projected to contract 1.7% in 2016, reflecting temporary disruptions to oil production, foreign currency shortages resulting from lower oil receipts, lower power generation, and weak investor confidence,” the IMF said.

“In South Africa, where policy uncertainty is making the adjustment to weaker terms of trade more difficult, GDP is projected to remain flat in 2016, with only a modest recovery next year as the commodity and drought shocks dissipate and power supply improves,” it said.

The IMF said that South Africa’s economy is still grappling with the decline in commodity prices, over a quarter of the workforce is unemployed, and the outlook is clouded by policy uncertainty and political risks.

“A comprehensive structural reform package that fosters greater product market competition, more inclusive labor market policies and industrial relations, and improved education and training, as well as reducing infrastructure gaps is critical to boost growth, create more jobs, and reduce inequality.

“Measures to improve state-owned enterprises’ efficiency and governance, including through greater private participation, are a particularly important element of the needed reform package to lift growth prospects and reduce contingent fiscal risks. While some of these reforms may take time to yield positive growth effects, immediate benefits can stem from improved confidence and signaling of policy consistency,” it said.

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